Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh Jasper....

Jasper is such a delightful child.  I love this little boy with all my heart.  Next month he will be two!!!! Jasper loves Mickey Mouse, baby dolls, toy trains, eating crayons, and throwing sand.  His poor liitle elbows and knees are always scraped, he does his very best to keep up with his rough and rowdy big brother.  Jasper loves his binky very much, he also loves his new baby brother Ollie and gives Ollie his binky when he is crying.  Such a good boy! 


  1. We have little ones the same age baby girl is 2 next month also! Can' wait to give her a little home party!

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Thought I would take a peek. I found from Tereza's blog (momto9). Cute boys you have. You can stop by and visit any time. I have eight children ages 1yr-16.... 5 boys and 3 girls!

  3. So precious. My baby turns 3 saturday. sniff.


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