Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Growing things....

Since my first son, Caillou, was born, I have had a fascination with growing a garden.  It started with a pumpkin seed and a couple of strawberry plants when I lived on Ivy street.  And then when I lived in our upstairs apartment, there were dozens of potted plants, a wading pool filled with soil and seedlings, and a warm afternoon 8 months pregnant with Jasper in which I hauled 170 pounds of potting soil bag by bag up my stairs to the balcony.  And now, we are blessed to be renting a cute little home with a wonderful yard.  It has been so much fun growing things with my little ones.  Caillou and Jasper love to spend time in the garden, find little yummys to eat... a red ripe strawberry, a corn on the cob, sugar snap peas, a handful of chubby little carrots.  My mama got some darling Sesame Street seed starters for the boys from Lowe's.  They had so much fun arranging the little pots, putting the dirt tablets in - watering and watching them expand, burying the seeds, putting stickers on the little wooden stick plant markers.  We have them all lined up in our window sill, watching them sprout, waitng for them to become big enough to add to our garden.


  1. Those little sets are so so cute!!! What fun for your little sweethearts:)

  2. For one, I am heading to LOWES! Second, I love how cheery your home always looks. I know there is struggles, but man you sure have a bright and cheery home.


  3. How sweet.....you are such a patience and loving mommy..always letting your little ones get down and dirty..smile...many mothers panic at the sight of dirt mixing with their babies...you are allowing your little fellows to truly grow and flourish...learning and growing naturally...good for you Ashley...and good for Boo-bah buying that sweet little garden for her little GRAND boys.....blessings to you sweety...


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