Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The homemade advent calendar...

The boys are busy helping their mama get ready for Christmas!

Turn up your volume... here is a quick little Christmas Carol from Caillou!


  1. Hello dear Ashley,this is just the sweetest post...I love the tree and the advent calender is just wonderful...the little video of Caillou singing Jingle Bells is my favorite...please,tell him thank you for me and I said it was very sweet...I received my little package today and I absolutely love it all. It was so sweet of you to think of me...please,tell your little ones thank you for me as well. I am wishing you and your little family the best Christmas season ever.....Blessings to you dear Ashley...

  2. Ashley this is the best post ever. Caillou is so cute. You have got to do more little videos of the boys.

    Caillou, Boo-Bah loves to hear you sing.


  3. I adore the calendar, one of these years I will get around to making one.

  4. That is such a sweet post and I also love the advent calendar! I have videos of my kids (that I still enjoy watching!) when they were little like Caliou, singing Christmas carols and my son would dance and bob his head like yours, so cute. Treasure these times, they go by too fast...although, the singing hasn't stopped around here, just the music is different now that they're big teenagers.


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