Friday, December 18, 2009

And baby #3 is......

Today I went to my first doctor appointment with this pregnancy. It was a long time in the waiting, with medi-cal insurance drama I was stuck just going to the ER until today. I had good insurance through my husband's work and the best doctor in the world with Caillou and Jasper. It was a bit difficult for me to have to go to a different doctor this time around... okay it was more than a bit difficult, I called my old doctor's office countless times begging to be seen even though I was on medi-cal, even though I was too poor to pay for the delivery, I even contemplated going in his office with a pie and crying, my therapist even thought that stood a good chance, but in the end, I toughened up, accepted that with poor people's insurance you just can't go see the best doctor in town, and okay, well I am still throwing myself a pity party and want my old doc. But today I went to the new doctor...... and baby # 3 revealed whether I will be sewing pink or blue. I have picked the name, and my mama (Boo-bah) to the the boys... of course followed tradition and took me out baby shopping for a few darling little things. To keep the suspense a bit longer, I will wait to reveal pink or blue until my next post... along with baby's name. Feel free to comment with your guesses of gender and the selected baby name!!! Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh no, you're gonna make me wait. I have two friends who are due in March and they will be having boys. So maybe its a boy, but then again you sound kinda excited so I will say you will be surrounded by lace and ruffles.

  2. Oh Ashley,hurry up and leave a post....I can't wait to read what you are having....I am guessing a girl but......I know you are thrilled either way......blessings...

  3. This is cruel! I think it's a boy. And his name will be Henry.


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