Monday, December 8, 2008

Life in a shoe...

"What is the meaning of Life?"

For me... It is snuggling up to a tiny baby, holding their hand in yours, singing a song to calm down an ornery toddler.  Trying to comfort a crying sick baby and screaming, tired toddler, half of me wanting to run away, but the other half honored and in awe that God entrusted me with the ability to nurture and care for these two precious blessings.  The meaning of life can be found in the little things each and every day.  Reading a book to my babies, laying down with them, hearing and watching them drift off to peaceful slumber.  Seeing my little one with arms folded and eyes closed waiting to bless his food... wrapping up my baby in a homemade blanket... Playing with my boys in the yard, admiring beautiful flowers, so perfect, each distinctly unique, a tapestry of colors woven into the garden, Knowing that only the hand of God could have created such beauty, only to see a toddler size 9 sneaker trampling it to the ground petals flying wildly.   If I take a second to compose myself from the biting and screaming, spit up and time outs... frustration and chaos, and look at things from an eternal perspective....  what drives me nuts today, I will miss tomorrow.  Someday the house will be quiet and empty, my clothes won't be spotted or smell of regurgitated cheez-its and milk, my arms will be free of bite marks, my ears will not be ringing from screaming and wailing.  And I will miss it all.  So, each morning when I awake, I will not hide from the chaos that is otherwise known as my life,  I will embrace it, dive in, and relish each moment of it... occasionally yelling, no!  Don't!  Stop! Time-out!  So I guess to make a long story short... for me the meaning of life is being a mother. Babies are blessings.  When it comes down to the choice of being able to afford to put my kids in soccer or ballet, or being able to welcome another little life into this world....  call me crazy, but I will choose life.  One might say that you have to be rich to have a big family,  I think you have to have faith to have a big family and everything else will fall into place, and the blessings (children) are more precious than any riches.  When I am dead and gone, it won't matter how much money I had in my bank account, what size my jeans were, or if I ever got to go on a cruise or a fancy vacation, what will matter is my faith and my family.   So, with faith, I put the size of my family in God's hands... 
                               so Heavenly Father... please keep the babies coming! AMEN!                                                                 


  1. Don't you wish that all Mama's felt this way. They will be grown up in a blink of an eye.


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