Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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Crispy towels and sun bleached whites...

Today my clothesline went into the ground.  I found the sunniest spot in my yard, and papa put it up for me while I was changing the babies diapers!  My dirt here is so good, it took less than 5 minutes to dig the hole.  I love the feel and smell of clothes hung out on the line.  It's funny, when I was a kid, I hated bringing clothes in off the clothesline,  I remember I would just yank the clothes down, sending broken clothespins flying to their death on the lawn.  Now as a grown up, I dearly love my clothesline.  I can't say that I am looking forward to a trip to the laundromat to wash the clothes with 2 boys under 2, but I do look forward to seeing baby sweaters, quilts, and aprons hanging out on the line.

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  1. Of course if there is a mud puddle close by and a mischievious 2 year old there the results might not be so good.


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