Thursday, September 1, 2011

Preschool days....

Caillou and Jasper are both going to preschool this year!!!  Jasper has been super duper excited!!!!  All last year he watched big brother Caillou climb aboard the big yellow school bus, all the while anxiously waiting for it to be his turn.  Each day asking " I go school now?"  And finally I can answer "yes, you can go to school now!"  Yesterday was their first day, they won't start going consistently on a schedule for another week or two, but by mid September I will be the proud Mama of two little preschoolers.  Mornings will be just Ollie baby and me, I am not sure what I will do with 3 hours of "quieter" time.  Yesterday Caillou cried and cried and was very reluctant to go back to school.  Jasper was the exact opposite, he was so excited and so proud of his backpack.  We celebrated afterwards with balloons,the playground and McDonalds, and the back to school fairy left bedtime cupcakes for the boys!

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  1. Oh,they look so big and grown up...I think I will cry :) My little grandson Colton started Pre-K this year as well. And my home has no school age children left under its roof...after 30 years...I no longer have a child of my own in school. Or even at home as my son has moved on to live with his older brother and then leaves for basic training in November(Marines) is truly a different season in my life. But,its a good thing...its the way it should be...blessings dear Ashley...Now tell me...Did you make those adorable backpacks?


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