Thursday, June 30, 2011

a very busy two days...

A trip to the mall
playing on the playground and enjoying candies

having a train ride

and cotton candy

running at the track with our good friends on a before
bedtime sprint...

a wagon trip through town with 5 kiddos

a happy meal party

 a trip to the library

making cupcakes

eating cupcakes

we have been very busy the past two days, we went to the track two nights in a row, the boys ride their bikes and run round and round, while me and a friend get to walk a mile or two.  We have journeyed through town on foot with wagons and strollers, we have had lots of play in the water and many treats.  Today is a slower moving day and I feel myself going stir crazy.  Caillou is in summer school. and wont be home for another hour.  I am counting the minutes, when he gets home we have a playdate and then are making a trip down the hill for more adventures.

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun....busy days indeed...blessings dear Ashley


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