Saturday, March 5, 2011

random goodness...

 we love our stash of playdough...... Caillou loves to make playdough nests and eggs

Adventurous Jasper jumping at the park
 Homemade birdseed cakes for the birdies

 Juicing an abundance of oranges from our tree

 Painting and making homemade playdough
 Playdough hearts ( got left on the porch to dry, and then we had a rain storm, pink goo everywhere!)
 Goodies to share with loved ones
 Farmers market goodies

 Good old fun at the park
 Treats for preschool classmates
 One darling baby!
 First snow for Ollie!
A fun day at Bates Nut Farm

 Going for a little afternoon stroll


  1. Such sweet,sweet their cute clothes you sew....thanks so much for sharing your adorable little ones...blessings on this Lord's day....

  2. What's in the birdseed cakes? We made the pinecone covered in peanut butter and birdseed, but never cakes. They look like they would be tasty, if I were a bird. Ha ha.


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