Saturday, October 16, 2010

Daily life....

Life is interesting to say the least around here!  I am learning that boys... boys are wild, amusing, bewildering, creatures; free spirited, muddy, silly, and slightly insane.  Boys wll be boys, and several times thoughout the day they make me want to pull my hair out, but many more times I just want to wrap my arms around them and squeeze them tight and laugh over their crazy mischievious ways.  Sometimes all I can do is laugh... like this morning when I awoke to find Caillou hovering over me with a bag of chocolate chips and a corn on the cob skewer, he then pointed behind him, with a devilish grin... making me aware that he had tied my ankle to Ollie's crib with my bathrobe tie, saying " stay there mommy, don't get up until dinner, you don't take these away from me" shaking his chocolate chips over my head.   There are days in which I am exasperated to no end... like Monday when we were in the emergency room.  Poor Jasper had to have a gash under his eye glued shut, after Caillou threw a toy train at him.  There are moments when I feel like I must be out of my mind... like today when I decided to go to our town's quilt show, with my 3 boys, and nearly every woman there said " you are very brave" or "my... don't you have your hands full"  I smiled, I nodded, making my way through the crowd, thinking," Ladies you really don't know the half of it."  I think they learned the other half, when an unsuspecting quilter shrieked "SHAME ON YOU", after Caillou mischieviously,without any warning, poked a straight pin into her thigh.  Life is never boring... it is interesting, exasperating, amusing... but never boring... or QUIET.  This week Caillou began yoga... yes yes, I can hear you all chuckling wondering WHY? and WHAT is she THINKING?  And no.... Caillou was not calm, he put the magic yoga rock in his mouth, Jasper carried off the Buddha, Caillou spends half of class either climbing on top of his teacher or making odd noises and throwing yoga mats... but oh what a wonderful teacher she has!  A very patient, calming, enthuisiastic teacher, determined to help my wild child enjoy yoga!  Having a child with ADHD is frustrating to say the least, but I will tell you, as crazy as this boy makes me, he is truly the most enchanting and delightful child you could ever happen to meet.  Jasper is equally endearing with his funny antics and his ever so gentle and loving ways towards baby Ollie.  Jasper is such a great big brother!!!!  Oh Jasper, he is such a snuggle bug and such a sweetie pie.  And funny too, I love how he crinkles up his little nose at me, and yells  COW when he is mad.  And Ollie, oh Ollie.  Getting bigger every day.  Five months old now! Where is the time going!!!???!!  I sewed him a sling this week from some lovely fabric from my bloggy friend Gail.  Ollie loves his new sling and being able to be snuggled right up against me, even if most of the day he is bobbing up and down as I chase after his wild big brothers. This week has been a busy week... we moved dirt, made mud pits, and replanted my strawberries in elevated dirt rows.  We shopped at natural food stores, began making magic " calming " tonics with fish oil, vitamin d-3, lemon balm and chamomille.  We learned that Jello can be oh so wonderful to a two year old with a boo-boo.  And that a day at the beach with friends is the perfect place to go when you feel like pulling out your hair.  We learned that muddy laundry begins to smell rather quickly, and that planting seeds in paper cups of potting soil on the dining room table is maybe not such a great idea.  I have learned that a soon to be 4 year old boy just will not give up about wearing fairy wings for Halloween... peter pan with fairy wings... he will only be little once!  We have discovered that litte boys who are good and go to bed when they are told... awake to find cookies, and butterflies and pixie dust in their door ways, that the fairies delivered in the wee hours of the morning.  We have done a lot this week and learned a lot to.  We have gone through lots of frustrations and upsets, but had lots of giggles and merrymaking as well.  I have learned when I feel like "I just can't do this anymore" or that I am about to go crazy... I can do this, I want to do this, I love doing this, and I think I kind of like this  crazy, crazy life we live!


  1. How wonderful to get an update from you again! I wondered how you were!
    The chicken video is so endearing! Austin sings like that to his guinea pig!:)

    What exhausting happy days!

  2. I can relate to this... I do only have one child.. and he is two and a boy LOL but, I also have an (in home daycare) so i have children in my home Mon-Fri 7 am to 6pm two other boys and girls... many days I am like "WOW, can I really handle this many kids??" But then when I see the kids happy during circle time singing and dancing... or how the little ones come in and say "HEY!" and they hug me : ) I just know they enjoy it.. and its kinda became our life .. and I love it!
    I enjoyed this post : )


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