Sunday, August 15, 2010

A little song from Caillou....

My sweet funny little boy loves to sing!  This is the first of many of his little musical moments that I will be sharing with you! 


  1. Caillou you are the very best!!!! I loved hearing you sing. Bless your little heart, you made your Boo-Bah have lots of smiles.
    Love you

  2. Oh my! What a cutie! I miss Caillou so so much!
    Tell him what a handsome little singer he is! I love him lots and lots and lots!

  3. I just showed this to Christy and Wesley, they both hugged the screen, said, "OOOoohh, he's so cute" and Christy said, "When is he coming to visit us?"

  4. Oh my gosh! He is sooooo sweet! I really needed a dose of sweetness today. Thanks so much Caillou :)


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