Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's been going on in our neck of the woods....

Well it has been a while.... I took a bit of a break from my blogging.  It has been a hard couple of weeks around here.  One of my dearest and truest of friends moved away.  This is Aimee.... we met a year ago when she moved into town with her two little kids.  We were sitting across from each other and she kept smiling at me.  I was in a hermit like, leave me alone sort of mood, and grouchily kept thinking, what on earth is this girl smiling about.  Well, from that day forward.... we were pretty much inseparable.  We both were pretty much car- less. So we began walking all through town together.  Somedays our outings would be nearly 10 hours long when we make the trek to K-mart.  We dined in many a fast food place, and terrorized all the grocery stores and playgrounds.  Chase bank might possibly have ran out of lollipops due to us, and I am almost without a doubt certain, that burger king dismantled their playground due to one of our late night visits.  I can only imagine that as we walked through town, in a grand procession of double strollers, screaming toddlers, and sticky things being flung by our less than mannerly brood, every business owner and employee shuddered and held their breath as we passed by, hoping we would not stop in for lunch or a bit of shopping.  We had many a good trip through town together and shared a lot.  We listened to each others woes and worries and hopes and ideas. We gave a shoulder to cry on when we had terrible days of toddler tantrums, bills unpaid, and fears of losing our homes. We shared groceries and diapers, and giggles and tears.  We strutted into a sleazy bar, ( I was 7 months pregnant) for a potty break.  We did loads and loads of laundry, and made soaps and lotions and choclate balls.  We battled bugs and mice and crazies, and even sent a chicken to heaven.  She was there the day Jasper took his first steps ( the same day I found out Ollie was on the way). I was there to flush a dead fish and save her from the scary granola eating mice.  We gave eachother confidence, and most of all understanding and friendship on the hardest of days.  She moved to Utah, and I am missing her tons.  I was very close to loading up my stuff in the U-haul with her and still just might venture out there one of these days.
But anywhoo, that is why I have been away from the blog. I am sulking and pouting and having a bit of a tough time. We became like family in this past year, and it is lonesome without her here.

Thank goodness I have my Mama and my bestie Sarah.  Now if only Sarah and I weren't 70 miles apart....
but that is a story for another day....
Other than being in a bit of a frump...
I have been enjoying snuggling my baby in our hammock
We have had painting
which of course the paint never gets painted on what it is supposed to be painted upon
we have enjoyed baby smiles.... Ollie gave me his first real smile on July 1st
we have been picking lots of goodies from our garden, I just adore that my boys love their garden and are having the experience of growing and gathering and eating such healthy yummies
we celebrated 4th of July
and canned apricot nectarine preserves and blueberries
we have picked oranges from the tree for marmalade
and of course played at the park
enjoying picnics
and naps
and playing
and doing our best to keep cool in the heat of summertime
We also have been enjoying free movies on Tuesdays. The kids have seen 4 movie theater movies this summer, and have been absolutely thrilled to do so!  Both my pairs of glasses were destroyed.  One pair finally crumbled after being patched up when I was hit in the head with a tennis ball, and then later snapped in two by Jasper.  So I went back to my old glasses, that were too weak and also broken, well... they fell off my face and I ran over them with the car.  So, I am a bit blind at the moment.  It has been a crazy past two weeks.  I have been tired, and grumpy, short tempered, and depressed. I feel like I do nothing and get nothing done, but I guess as I reflect on the weeks in pictures, I realize I do more than I think.  When I am in a funk it is hard for me to be positive and I struggle with my nerves, I guess all I can do is try my best each day.  I will try not to go so long before I blog again y'all.  Jasper will be two this Saturday, I am sure it will be a fun day with lots of pictures and tales to tell!


  1. I am so sorry to hear that you dear friend moved away! I can imagine how lonely you are without her by your side. Just remember a real friend is always there for you no matter how many miles there are between you! I glad to see that you are enjoying your time with your little ones! Have a great time at Jasper's birthday!


  2. What an update! The picture of Ollie wrapped in that green blanket is too cute! He looks just like you :)

  3. I am sorry you are so sad. I know you miss all the times you had with Aimee. Your boys will fill your days with all their adventurous ways. Of course there will always be blogging and facebooking and phone calls to keep in touch with Aimee. Maybe she will visit sometime.

    I bet the boys were so happy to have their little pool today. It has been really hot, hasn't it!

    I loved all the pictures you posted today.

    Give the boys a kiss for me.


  4. Having a friend like that is so precious....wish I had one quite so close to me!
    When I read all you do I marvel...and then I read you feel like you get nowhere....I guess we all feel that way at times. Your family is beautiful and have happy, content smiles. You are doing a good job!

  5. So sorry Ashley for your is hard to part with a close friend and put so many miles between you....may you stay in touch and get to visit from time to time...your pictures are always sweet...I love that you share them with us......blessings to you all....

  6. I am sorry for your friends move. I understand in a sense. I moved from all my family and friends a fews years ago. Across the United States. The closest person I knew was 10 hours away. So, I am sure it can be difficult.

    Love all the pictures. Could you maybe share how you make your perserves for the bluberries>?

  7. Awe! I feel the love! You're such a sweetheart!
    I love the pictures in this post, especially the picture of your boys picking oranges :). That's just them in a picture. I love Caillous new haircut, he is so handsome. Happy Birthday, Jasper! Be on the lookout for a little something in the mail! We miss you all and hope to see you soon!


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