Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mama's rough and rowdies....

An afternoon of play in our yard.  These days I have been too tired to waddle over to the park with my little guys, so I pull up a chair in the yard and the boys seem just as happy to play in their "little park" as Caillou calls it.  We love to snuggle in our hammock and look up into the leafy tree branches above us.  For now though, I will be waiting for hammock time until after baby is born, it is quite awkward and extremely challenging to get out of a hammock when 9 months pregnant!  After our playtime out in the yard, I gave Jasper's hair a little trim in the front, he now has crooked, funny little bangs, but at least he can see!  He was beginning to look a bit shaggy doggish in these photos.


  1. when are you due?
    Your yard does look like a park!

  2. Great pictures of your family.

  3. Hi Sweetie...this post made my day and your previous one too....what wonderful rewards you and the boys are gleaning from your garden...God surly fertilized it with his love and grace....have a blessed weekend....

  4. Your boys are so cute!
    I wanted to let you know you won the giveaway on my blog...
    I think tomorrow is your big day?
    I'll be thinking of your lovely family...
    Take care!


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