Thursday, November 19, 2009

Creative Days...

I have been quite busy with projects, too many going at once. Working on a quilt for Caillou, making a Christmas countdown calendar and matching garland, adding a few rows here and their to a crochet project... I finally finshed Jasper's crochet blanket! And made the boys two warm and cozy little hats. I am working hard to get ready for the holidays, sewing as often as I can!

About a week ago, Caillou asked me if he could paint. I got all his supplies out for him, and this is what he created! I was so impressed, this really was his first true picture, or at least the first one that Mommy was able to recognize something in the picture, not just scribbles and dots!
Have a happy day!


  1. Looks great as well as Calliou's art work. Can't wait to see your coutdown calendar.

  2. What a lovely post are such an awesome mommy and so very talented...looks like you have passed on some of that talent to your little Caillou...such a sweet picture of him.....blessings


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