Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I heard an expression once, "you can't be a homemaker, if you don't stay at home." Well y'all, I will be doing a lot of staying at home for a while. My car finally threw in the towel yesterday and is undrivable at the moment. Oh well, being a hermit suits me fine, and I can always use the time to refine my homemaking skills. Today we had a good day. All though it was quite hot, we had lots of fun. We baked cupcakes, and the boys splashed around in their wading pool, we snuggled and had a marshmallow fight, and read quite a few stories. I also scrubbed up a few toys that I found at the thrift store for Jasper's birthday. Tomorrow I plan to do some sewing on a few projects I have going on, and if I can get up and beat the heat, I will take the boys for a stroller walk and stop in at the hardware store a few blocks down for some little screws and toggle bolts to mount my dollhouse shelf my mama bought me. It is all painted up, now I just need to get it up on the wall above my sewing machine. I did a little rearranging of furniture. I have a little sewing area now in our hallway. It is a very tight squeeze, but it sort of feels like an official sewing room, even if it is just in the little old hallway, it serves the specific purpose of my special place to sew. I want to get one of those tiny ironing boards that you mount on the wall and pull down, that will be more efficient than ironing on a quilt across my dining room table! A couple of months ago, my mama came up for a visit and found a darling cross stitch sampler at an antique store, it said Home Sweet Home, I am quite jealous of her cute find, and have my heart set on one of my own. Perhaps I will try and create something this week. Have a wonderful weekend y'all.


  1. You are just amazing! I love your optimistic outlook, your sweet and very loved boys, your creativity, and your faith!

  2. Yes, you are optimistic! I don't know how you can do so much in the heat. I get migraines if it gets too bad. Although, this summer we have been lucky to see the sun a few days and to get in the 70's.
    Take a picture of your sewing room so we can see it.

  3. You are making it work. I admire that. I am glad you got to make you a sewing area. I really need to get a office space. I have my bills here, paper there and everywhere. They are put up but in inconvient different places. Sometimes we have to find unusual places and make it work.


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