Monday, June 1, 2009

The cow that got away....

Okay, so a few posts back I told of my recent adventure trespassing at the duck pond and snuggling cows. Well... the story continues... my friend stephanie and I left the duck pond at around 11 am. About 10 minutes after we had left and made our way over to McDonalds, a friend of ours from our quilting group passed by the duck pond on her lunch break. She knew of our adventurous plans for that day, so when she saw cops cars at the duck pond, she immediately thought " oh my gosh, my friends have been busted for trespassing." Upon taking a closer look, much to her surprise she instead saw, that it was not us in handcuffs, but two police men trying to herd an enormous brown cow, back into the field by the duck pond! I can only imagine, how hard she must have laughed that day, first thinking we were on our way to jail, and then discovering that we had accidentaly emancipated a cow from it's barren field, barbed wire prison. Of course, my friend Stephanie and I were oblivious to the fact that a cow followed us out of the field, we were too concerned with finding an opening that would accomodate our strollers, so we could take a closer look at the abandoned house. We only learned of the cow that got away 6 days later at quilt group. We all had a good laugh!


  1. Your adventures are funny and sometimes have consequences. I am glad that the cow was rounded up.


  2. Love it!! I love cows. You have cool adventures. My life is so boring!

  3. I have given you an award. Visit my blog to receive it.

  4. Hi Ashley,what a funny story..looks like "Elsie" wanted to go trespassing as well. To answer youe question about the image of the "Vintage Mobile" home on my sidebar. No,it's not mine but just a little image I like very well. Our mobile home is a 1969 "Town and Country" which has had many repairs and changes made to it over the years. It's not in the best of shape but it's our home and I am very thankful to God for it! I want to thank you again Sweetie for all your sweet comments and your prayers for me. Thay are such a blessing to me at this time. You are a inspiration to me with all your talents and the love you show for your family and home as well as our Lord. I wish there were more young women who took as much interest in the ways of home and family this day and time..I'm sure you are making a great example for many.
    I love those sweet little dresses you made. They are so cute....such talent!



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