Friday, October 3, 2008

Backyardless part 2...

As many of you know, I have dreamed about and longed for my little old country home for what seems like ages.    A patch to plant things in, a picket fence to paint, and a front porch to sit on and drink lemonade.  Now, that I have two little ones, I want a home of our own with a yard for them to play in even more.  For the past two years in a row, I have decided that I am somewhat of a pumpkin farmer.  Growing them on my balcony, note to fellow apartment dwelling farmers... if you don't have bees on your upstairs balcony to pollinate the flowers, you look pretty silly on your hands and knees outside with q-tips swabbing flowers and manually pollinating your female pumpkin flowers.  Then I learned, honey nut cheerios will bring the bees up to your second story balcony, many many bees then you don't have to do pumpkin invitro-fertilization !!  So this year, in my pumpkin farming season, I dug up Grandma's backyard, planted my pumpkins, and waited for the harvest.  19 PUMPKINS!  Yes, 19!  If anyone is wondering why California has a water shortage, it is due to all the water that was used in Grandma's backyard to support my farming whims.   Not only do I have a farmgirl heart, but Caillou is a lover of the great outdoors.  So.... My search continues to find a rental with a yard for my little family.  Wish me luck.  And once I do find my little yard.... I will gladly accept donations of dirt, plants, and playground equipment!

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  1. I'll keep my ears open! ;) Good luck with the hunt for a yard. Looks like Caillou is growing like a weed! I laughed about your efforts in pollinization - I know what you should be for Halloween! ;) lol!


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